Students complain about teacher behavior during audit

The process leading up to and the actual occurrence of the audit has had both teachers and students feeling a lot of pressure, and as an result, they were stressed to the max.  Now that the actual audit is taking place, the question is whether or not teachers are acting differently.

Granted, some teachers may feel the need to change up their normal routine in order to leave a good – and false – impression, but I don’t think that is an accurate portrayal of of every faculty member.

If this is the case, however, those teachers should probably step up their game in all aspects for the good of the students. Maybe then we would not be labeled a “focus school.” Pretty simple, yea?

From my experiences with my teachers during the audit week, not much has changed.  I only have one teacher who is doing something out of the ordinary to impress the auditors, and that would be decorating the room to display what we have been up to…vaguely.

On the other hand, the rest of my teachers have remained the same – apart from them asking us to work slightly more diligently than usual, no big deal. Also, there are the additional things that the audit is requiring them to do, which is making sure that students know what the objective of the day is and keeping record of class productivity.

In order to do this, teachers are having to conform to whatever it is that the auditors are looking for. For example, teachers are keeping a Professional Learning Community notebook that has everything from a teacher’s career growth plan, examples of curriculum requirements, and the examples of feedback teachers have given to students.

In many classes most teachers already meet these requirements. It is just the fact that now they have to have it all presentation-ready which, apparently, has become increasingly tedious as the weeks prior to the audit go by.

Other than that, what is the big deal of teacher behavior, especially if it’s for the better? Stop being emotional and over-spirited by things that don’t even matter.  Get off your soap box, sit down, and let it pass…so shall the audit.