The reality of ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor is a typical reality show. Nothing close to reality.

It features overly expensive dates, breathtaking venues, romantic sunsets, and the absence of all things real.

The real world we all live in is nearly absent from this over-dramatized version of the search for love. The search for love is an age old quest that continues to engulf the lives of the masses. The belief that someone who is meant to share in your life has taken over. People are consumed with the desire to find a soulmate and a lifelong partner.

 The Bachelor is a show that promises to give contestants just this.

It provides an eligible bachelor and gives him the choice between 30 beautiful women. The man will make a decision based off only a few weeks of dates that feature limited alone time with these women.

The concept for the reality show is well-established and highly popular among viewers. Over 15 million viewers tuned in for the previous season’s finale according to

The problem is that it’s not reality. The world of the show is over romanticized. It provides an atmosphere that makes the contestants feel like the feelings in their heart is love, but it is nothing close to love. The couples who develop on the show are never faced with any real issues other than the idiotic drama created by having so many women fighting for one man.

The couples will go back to the real world only to realize life isn’t all sunsets and rose ceremonies. This is why only two of the 12 couples to come from the show have lasted.

Another issue is that the people in the show are always perfectly gorgeous. In the real world every man will not have a six pack and perfectly groomed hair. Women will not always be spectacularly sculpted and fit. The show has always selected those highly attractive men and women, which further supports the fact that this so-called “reality” show is anything but real.

Reality is a hard and cold thing. Viewers need to wake up from the fantasy and step back into the world they live in.