Talkin’ with Tiff II


wo years ago my cousins and I conceived an idea that was crazier than anything we have every done. It was an idea so bizarre, I can’t even believe I was apart of it.

It was Christmas break and I was visiting my cousins in Hydro, Oklahoma. I’ll be the first person to say that Hydro has absolutely nothing to do.

It is a small town with a total population of about 100 (give or take a few numbers). With nothing to do and no where to go my sister, cousins and I dug through their drawers and closets.

We were going to become an air band. But not just any air band, a Gothic rock air band. Our first order of business was to make a music video.

We caked on awful black makeup, wore an obsessive amount of black clothing, teased our hair in the most trashy way.

Our first music video was to the song Facedown by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. My cousin Ping rocked out on pots and pans using them as drums.

I used the tennis racket as my totally awesome guitar. And my cousin Ling used a mop as her microphone stand.

From the very first sound of the guitar strum and the first bang of the pots and pans, Unicorn Paradise was born.

Shirts and DVD’s were made and even a facebook fan page has been created.

Since our first music video we’ve produced many more to songs by My Chemical Romance to Metallica all up on Youtube and Facebook.

Each music video has a it’s own story, it’s own concept. We’ve set trees on fire, danced with knives, crawled on the floor.

It’s incredible to know that people watch our videos and enjoy them. Our creativity is something people find entertaining.

Unicorn Paradise has become a huge part of our family.

I would never take back all the black makeup and hairspray I used because it’s a memory that I’ll keep forever in my heart.