Virtual students return to Har-Ber

The hallway felt crowded with the return of students from Don Tyson School of Innovation. At the end of the first semester, students at DTSOI had the choice to return to a traditional school or continue remote learning. Students at Har-Ber also had this opportunity.

Sophomore Piper Alexander claims her experience with DTSOI virtual learning was depressing since she could not see anyone face to face due to COVID-19. She only went to campus a few times. She also found it difficult to learn since she is a virtual learner. 

“It was really depressing because I couldn’t see anyone for a long time,” Alexander said, “and I’m a visual learner so working on a computer wasn’t the best for me.” 

According to Alexander, she has liked the face to face contact at Har-Ber although she was confused by the hallways at first.

Some students returned to Har-Ber because they were not successful at DTSOI. Like Alexander it was not the best learning environment for senior Chloe Robinson did not have the best grades, so she returned to Har-Ber for in-person learning. 

“I miss the experience of being around people,” Robinson said, “and my grades weren’t good.” 

Robinson decided to attend virtual school to reduce the risk of exposure since she has asthma.  

“It was more like a review from middle school and junior high,” Alexander said. 

Since most of the work was review, Alexander felt behind at first, but her teachers have helped her get caught up. She also feels since the semester just started she is not behind. 

“Everyone just got back from Christmas break so everything is kind of new for them[other students],” Alexander said.

Robinson also felt behind at first.

“I felt like I don’t know a lot of this stuff that we’re doing now,” Robinson said, “because we didn’t really learn that over there[DTSOI] but it’s much easier to catch up here.” 

Robinson claims her teachers have caught up quickly.

Junior Amer James believed the work was too fast at DTSOI. He also claims his teachers were slow to respond. 

“The teachers were slow responding with help,” James said. 

James believes the workload is less. 

“Everything is way easier,” James said. 

James feels all the same materials were covered at DTSOI so he is not behind in his classes. He’s glad to be back at Har-Ber to see his friends since he could not see them as often. 

“It’s awesome here,” James said. “It’s kind of everything I’ve ever wanted in a school.”