Black Friday returns with COVID-19 regulations

With Black Friday sales coming up, people are unsure what it will look like with new COVID-19 regulations. November 27th is going to look interesting this year, some stores are only doing online, while others are having sales the whole month in order to stray away from one big rush into the store.

According to, several stores, like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, The Home Depot, and Wal-Mart are kicking off their sales early in stores and online, which means you can snag some Black Friday-caliber bargains three weeks ahead of the sale. Shoppers can also expect deals for a few days following Cyber Monday.

“My plans this year are pretty similar to my plans last year, we just might not be able to go to all the stores we usually go to and I will most likely do more online shopping.” Lacy Stephens said.

Many people have had to replan their yearly shopping trips. Some buy for themselves, while others buy for other people.

“I usually don’t buy too much, just something for each of my three siblings, both my parents and grandparents and my friend,” Stephens said. “I usually buy things for others, but if I see something I want on sale I will get it.”

According to students, Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy are their top stores to shop at.

“I go to the Pinnacle mall with all the girls in my family because they come to town for Thanksgiving.” Taylor Roberts said.

According to, Target will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Target dropped Round 1 of its 2020 Black Friday Deals on Oct. 29. Back on Sept. 29, Target announced that it will offer its Black Friday pricing for the entire month of November, with new digital deals dropping every day. 

Many holiday deals will roll out from October to December. On Oct. 14, Wal-Mart released its official Black Friday deals schedule. In 2020, it will spread its Black Friday sale out into online and in stores.

People often have different opinions on these changes. Some agree with them in order to make a safer environment, while others believe it should stay the same. 

“I like it better because some places are doing multiple days for Black Friday,” Ayanni Pineda said. “It’s less pressure to get all your shopping done in one day.”

These are just a few of the many changes stores are going with this year, though many changes are similar. Their approaches are along the lines of online, all month long, normal mask, and social distancing.

“I’m unsure how it will be on Black Friday but I’m sure with fear of COVID-19 plus opportunity for spread out shopping dates, it won’t be too crowded and hectic,” Pineda said.