Indecision by governor leaves seniors wondering

Following the news of continued AMI days within the state, there has been a lot of uncertainty about seniors and what the rest of the year holds for them.
“This is a pivotal time for our seniors and we want to ensure that the decisions that are made are best for all involved,” Associate Superintendent Dr. Marcia Smith said.
As of April 3., Governor Hutchinson has not changed the statement that students will return to in-person instruction beginning April 20.
“Students of all grade levels are required to continue their lessons and complete the work assigned by their teachers,” Arkansas Department of Education’s (ADE) Charia McDonald said.
A memo was released on March 2 by the ADE Commissioner Johnny Key, detailing more information over the expectations for seniors.
“It is not DESE’s position that seniors are automatically finished, since there are other considerations, such as concurrent credit courses, CTE industry certifications, ACT prep, and also determinations as to whether a senior is on track,” Key said.
There were also details on how decisions will be made about how seniors will finish out the year, and they have been ultimately left up to each district.
“Whether a senior is “on track to graduate and in good standing as of the 3rd nine weeks” is a local school district decision that will be made by school administration. This determination should be made based on a review of student data including, but not limited to, grades and credits earned,” Key said.
There have been no official decisions made by the Springdale School District, but there has been communication about them.
“Unfortunately, many decisions are being discussed at the district level. I know that Dr. Rollins and the district leadership team has been in collaboration with Springdale principals and superintendents throughout the region and the state,” Principal Dr. Paul Griep said.