Teachers learned Oct. 21 how to respond to an armed intruder emergency. The nationwide training, known as ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Informer, Counter, Evacuate), eradicates the mindset that a shooting is rare.

According to alicetraining.com, the training promotes “proactive strategies to improve the chances of survival during an active shooter event.”

In an attempt to make the shooting as realistic as possible, officers shot blanks around the school. In the event of a real shooting, the location of the shooter is unpredictable, which is why ALICE training keeps the steps general.

Resource officer Matt Ray explained the procedure similar to that of a fire. No one knows in advance where the fire is going to be, so the best exit can differ from what is practiced.

“Say the fire started upstairs,” Ray said. “Your exit is going to be different if you’re upstairs, than if you’re downstairs. It’s the same kind of concept.”