Media team travels to Seattle

Students leave Seattle convention with many awards.

On March 28, the exciting Student Television Network Convention began in Seattle, with 14 of Har-Ber’s students attending and some receiving awards.

“We go expecting to learn. We don’t necessarily go expecting to win, but when we do win it’s really cool,” senior Jade Farmer said.

The five-person short film team including Jade Farmer, Charlotte McWhorter, Hanna Maggard, Lindsay Flowers, and John Arellano, won fourth place.

“A lot of teams come with ideas ready but we didn’t really have one,” senior John Arellano said.

The team was given a prompt at 8 in the morning, “A Different Point of View,” and they had 7 hours to shoot and edit their film. They took on an emotional outlook with the task at hand.

“The point of view the whole time of a kid growing up and just being bullied and not treated the same and you never see the person,” Farmer said.

The team was able to explore Seattle and use new equipment to come up with ideas for their film. They were given a GoPro to help with the filming along with their own equipment.

“We had never used a GoPro before so that was very interesting to shoot it,” Farmer said.

Travis Sherman, the team’s advisor, was very proud of the team and all of the effort they put into competing.

“It’s a great way to recognize that they’ve worked all year to get where they are,” Sherman said.

The team consisted largely of seniors, and this competition was one of their last hoorahs. The seniors were able to experience a successful competition before they left high school.

“It’s a great way for them to end their high school career,” Sherman said.

In the team’s free time they were able to explore Seattle and have some fun outside of the competition. They had a great time shopping and discovering new places to explore with each other.

“The Seattle fish market is so cool,” Farmer said.

They spent time experiencing new places and had a great time with each other while shopping.

“They just have like mainstream stores that you don’t see here in Arkansas,” Arellano said.

As a whole, the competition was quite a success for the team and left everyone quite honored with the work that they completed as one unit.

“I was very proud of all their work,” Sherman said.