Students frustrated over three-game forfeiture

Rumors spread like wildfire through the halls following the news of the mandatory forfeiture of three games from the football season. Feelings of anger, irritation, and grief have been emitting from the student body. There are many schools of thought between students.

“I think it [the forfeit] was kinda unfair towards Har-Ber because I think that other schools should have been in trouble too because I don’t think we are the only school who has ineligible players, and yet we were the only school targeted for the forfeit,” junior Jules Velliquette said.

This opinion seems to be of the most common variety throughout the student body, as many are upset towards the ruling and deem the decision “unfair”.

“I do not, just because if they really were to go through every high school and see if every player was eligible, there would be a mass amount of players that would be ineligible that would get games forfeited for multiple schools,” junior Grace Sadler said.

This follows the same consensus of opinion that students widely disagree with the forced forfeit of the seasons wins.

“I feel like it’s fair because he [the ineligible player] wasn’t allowed to play, and it is against the rules,” sophomore Anna Claire Crites said.

This is the less common but still prominent opinion amongst students who are more sympathetic towards the verdict that has been made, agreeing that while the outcome may be upsetting, the rules in place must be followed.

Students have also voiced opinions of how it affected the morale of students, especially the senior class.

“It ruined a lot of chances for our seniors,” Velliquette said, “and I don’t agree with it.”