Future Smiles program offers free toothbrushes

Toothbrushes collected for those affected by Hurricane Michael

When Hurricane Michael swept through the nation in mid October, it devastated the coastal cities throughout the Florida Panhandle, relief efforts are still being made to help revive and aid these in communities get back on their feet.

Future Smiles, a non-profit organization founded by Kerry Evans, makes efforts by sending donated toothbrushes to the victims devastated by the hurricane.

“We’ve took 80,000 so far to these victims that we are dealing with right now.” stated Evans.

Future Smiles delivered these toothbrushes to the victims of the hurricane and was met with an outstandingly positive response to the efforts being made.  

“We went down there to Red Cross and started handing out toothbrushes and almost every person that we talked to said, ‘I haven’t got to brush my teeth in a week. You have no idea how much of a difference this is going to make.’,” Evans said.

All donations are made through the Future Smiles website, trashyourtoothbrush.com, where donors can purchase toothbrushes for donation and fund the cost to send them to areas in need.