Every vote counts

Students stand for their beliefs while voting for the first time

Senior, Madeline Teoh went into the voting booth. It was just her in the booth and the paper. No one was with her, telling who or what to vote for. Being only 18 this was her first time voting.

“It was really easy, I would say. It wasn’t complicated at all,” said Teoh. Voting was simple and easy. She went in a booth by herself. It was quiet and calm.

“Even if you’re a first time voter and you don’t know what’s happening, it’s like you’re the one that gets to decide what your future will be like. It shouldn’t be old, white men running the country,” said Teoh.

She wants to change the way her country is run and believes the only way that can happen is by voting.

“I think voting is really important because if you don’t vote and you have a political opinion then what’s the point of having that opinion,” said first time voter, senior, Sarah Grace Wood.

“I would like for there to be a lot of change in the way we handle immigrants and just basic rights,” said Teoh. She believes all people should have the same rights.

“I would like to give minority groups the same opportunity,” said Wood. Not just the people incharge deserve opportunities.

“I’m not completely sure but I would like to think it would. I think if enough people vote and try to make a change, I think it will make a change,” said Teoh. With everyone in the country voting, there will be a change made.

“Because one could be the tipping point of one candidate wins over the other one.” said Wood. Every vote counts.