STUCO hopes to engage more students in school events

Changes in homecoming look to increase spirit


“The role of student council is to get students involved in the school,” Carlos Mejia, Senior STUCO member.

“Student council is in charge of the homecoming assembles and dances, without student council there would be no homecoming,” Mrs. Cockrell said.

They plan the entire dance by themselves. They do both fall and winter, but they only meet during club times.

“Homecoming parade day we usually go and get breakfast before and then set up decorations,” said Gracie Stephenson, senior STUCO member.

The members clearly love be in charge of HOCO according to Stephenson.

“The biggest things is there won’t be a speaker at the homecoming assembly,” Mrs. Cockrell said.

She said she was excited there wouldn’t be a speaker to sit though. Mrs Cockrell claimed the speakers were dull and no one wanted to sit through it.

“Instead we’re making homecoming queen and king, sophomore, junior, senior and one teacher.  Making the assembly more interesting,” Mejia said.

According to senior STUCO member Georgia Milhem, the way the spirit week king and queens will be pick through social media. There will be a boy and girl from each grade. You either DM the STUCO instagram or tag them. You have to dress up everyday of week and the will pick the people who were the most into it.

“It feels like being in a family, and on homecoming day,” Stephenson said, “it’s fun to hangout together and be together like a family.”

One activity that surprised the student body was the senior football players performed a dance. They wore wigs and mixed the biggest dances of the past few years. The students loved it and got them more excited for the game and dance.