The new currency taking the world by storm

Chase Strickland, Sports Editor

Bitcoin. What even is it? For all the ones who are unaware of what bitcoin even is, it is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Bitcoin is one of the new big things going into 2018, infact its is believed by many individuals that it will eventually replace the U.S. dollar. And yes, I know that sounds crazy however it may be closer to the truth than most realize.  One of the reasons Bitcoin is so popular is because that it is not government regulated, it is decentralized therefore it gives more power to the people as the value is agreed upon by them and not mandated by those in a higher power. In an interview with Kolin DeShazo, a Har-Ber Alumni who now dabbles in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies  as a profession, he elaborates on some of the benefits of Bitcoin and explains why people should act on it now.

“ Cryptocurrency  is already the 6th most used currency in the world, there’s a rapid increase and it does the opposite of inflation.” When put in  perspective it almost seems as if there is no downside to Bitcoin, in fact Kolin said

“I have made more money in these 4-6 months of working with Cryptocurrency, than I have my entire 10 years out of highschool.”

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies provide many with a platform to trade, exchange, save, and buy. There are many examples of people who have in fact become millionaires just off of cryptocurrencies alone.

“Anybody whos not doing it needs to do it, because its about to explode!”

While cyrptocurrencies may not assume the role that some believe it will in the near future, you cannot deny that it is definitely going to be a part of it. While you may not want to invest I believe that everyone should educate themselves on it.