Davies, Jackson crowned first HBHS prom royalty

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Davies, Jackson crowned first HBHS prom royalty

Joe Burns

Joe Burns

Joe Burns

Nathan Plowman, Copy Editor

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Before this year’s prom was even a thought in most of the students’ heads, Junior Class Council was already preparing to make this year’s prom the best one yet. A group of leaders from the junior class was looking to shake it up a little bit.

“It was brought up when we were first planning prom. We were flipping through the magazine that we order all of the decorations from, and there was a page that had tiaras on them,” junior Nicole Dominguez said. “We thought it would be a fun thing to incorporate into prom and a fun way to get the student body involved by nominating and voting.”

Many proms in Northwest Arkansas and around the country utilize this tradition at their proms, so junior Alondra Altamirano agreed that the idea should be implemented.

“It seemed like a great idea for all of us since we have never had it before. You know, it’s always in the movies, and I mean, who doesn’t want it?” Altamirano said.

Dominguez said that there were some bumps in the road as to how this new tradition would be viewed, but she made sure that there is more to prom king and queen than popularity.

“There are, of course, some disadvantages simply because some people view it more as a popularity contest, but we’re going to give as many people the chance to be voted on and everyone who goes to prom will have the opportunity to vote,” Dominguez said.

Senior Carlos Alvarado was elated when he heard about this announcement. He is extremely ecstatic to be a part of the first prom king and queen election.

“I wanted to run for prom king because it’ll be the first year that Har-Ber has ever done it so it’ll be even more special and memorable,” Alvarado said. “Also, I think I’ll be a great fit for it due to all the things I’ve done for Har-Ber.”

It is clear that this new tradition has been a hit among students. Altamirano believes that this tradition will continue for many years to come.

“I think the election of prom king and queen will continue at Har-Ber because it is such a great idea. It’ll just be a great time for anyone to be elected royalty, so it’ll be just fine through the night, and why not spice it up a little bit?” Altamirano said.

Junior Class Council advisor Lindsay Laubach was excited to see this new tradion happen because it was what the students wanted.

“I got everything cleared through Dr. Brackett. It’s what they wanted to do,” Laubach said.

When asked about how he would feel if he was elected as king, Alvarado got emotional and said he would be in absolute shock.

“Winning prom king will probably make me emotional and grateful that people see me as an example of prom king,” Alvarado said.

Dominguez wass excited to see the reaction of the crowd when they find out who Har-Ber’s first prom royalty will be.

“I think it’s going to be a cute moment when they’re announced because people will be excited that their friends were chosen and it will be a good memory for the seniors chosen as well,” Dominguez said.

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