Annual Har-Ber’s Got Talent Showcases Various Wildcat Talents

Maggie Cebuhar, Reporter

The radio blares her favorite Spotify playlists in the car, switching genres from alternative to Broadway albums, then to today’s pop hits. Senior Abby Jackson keeps her ears open to new music all year long to see what song would be the best for her to perform at Har-Ber’s Got Talent.

“Har-Ber’s Got Talent is a combination of all the different kinds of talent we have at Har-Ber. You have singing, you have dancing, baton-twirling, literally anything,” Jackson said.

Har-Ber’s Got Talent takes place every fall and is put on by the HBHS Choir. This year, it was on Thursday, Oct. 27. Jackson helped put it on as Choir President, who worked alongside Mr. Erwin. She promoted the date of the event through merchandising and advertising to advise students to come see the show. Also, she performed her version of “If I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. Like Jackson, many choir, band, and theatre members auditioned and performed in the talent show. Junior Genna Grace Head is a member of Har-Ber’s Lighthouse, an a capella group who performed during the night.

“You just have to take a deep breath, and tell yourself, ‘I’ve picked this, I like this, I want this,’” Head said.

Students who desire to perform their talent came in on Wednesday and Thursday after school to show off part of their practiced routines. They were judged by Har-Ber’s choir teachers, the directors of the talent show. They wanted to make sure there was a well rounded number of acts so the audience could experience an entertaining variety. Thursday’s PrimeTime offered Har-Ber’s Got Talent’s preview show, set up in a similar fashion to American Idol audition tapes where the performers are only able to show part of their routine to draw audiences to the full show on Thursday night. Judges pretend to be the characters of the iconic Simon, Apollo, and Randy from American Idol. John Stewart, Mike Fotenopulos, and Katy Moore were the judges.

“People should come watch Har-Ber’s Got Talent because it supports Har-Ber’s Choir, and you get to see your fellow students show off their talents,” junior Jack Jasinski said.

This year, Har-Ber’s Got Talent had hula-hoop routines, singers, dancers, bands, and even comedy skits. The choir directors wanted a wide variety for the show to express the talent Har-Ber encompasses. Har-Ber’s Got Talent is an event for our school that provides students who are not involved in the fine arts, such as choir, band, or theatre, to come show their performative talents. Students can wow the judges with their skills and gives the rest of the student body an entertaining Thursday night.

“You could be a singer, and not be in choir, but get to be apart of the talent show, so it’s a really cool opportunity,” Jackson said.