Fall trends welcome the season

Maggie Cebuhar, Reporter

Fall means chilly Friday nights spent in the stadium-lighted student section for senior Chris DuCote.

“I expect pumpkin spice lattes will be all over the place this fall… But that’s wasting five bucks on a drink like that, in my opinion,” DuCote said.

The most controversial drink of the fall, the pumpkin spice latte, is back and once again is causing the debate if it is actually the best drink of the season. While pumpkin is the most popular flavor at Starbucks, others include the Salted Caramel Mocha and the Chili Mocha.  Pumpkin flavoring is common on most fall drink-menus. These choice lattes are also subject to being “basic” and a part of the ‘Typical White Girl’ joke.

Fans of this seasonal drink wait all year for their first pumpkin spiced lattes. DuCote thinks the taste of the drink is too sweet. Others enjoy the seasonal pumpkin taste. Whether a fan or not, pumpkin spice lattes will still be a noticeable trend this fall.  

The season is also known for iconic style that never tires. New York Fashion Week took place September 8th-15th and gave us the 411 on what styles are in store for us this coming season.

“I expect to see a lot of over the knee boots, a lot of suede. I think plaid shirts will make a comeback, and I think a lot of leather,” junior Caroline Rhodes said.

Already the trends can be seen through the hallways as girls model the trending button-up suede skirt, leather and suede boots, and the familar UGG brand are expected to make a comeback. With all the trends coming back in, there are some that are not expected to be seen at local football games and at pumpkin patches.

“I do not expect to see a scarf-comeback because the last time I wore a scarf, Hannah Montana was still a star,” junior Megan Guthrie said.

In past years, scarves have been a Pinterest fall-essential. Scarves have come along way to the popular infinity scarf, found in early years of Pinterest fall trendsf. While past fall season trends have seen the thick knitted infinity of scarf of soft colors, this coming fall, we might not see as many scarfed-necks as we are familiar with. Though scarfs can be fashionably purposed, they still have actual use to warm up on those chilly Friday night lights watching Wildcat football.

Fall is here at last, and despite the coffee controversy or latest fashion trends, one designated fall feature commonly aspired by students is watching Wildcat football team these upcoming Friday night lights.