Students showcase their talent in front of their peers

On Dec 9, the Student Council hosted a talent show in the auditorium, giving students an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of any student who was willing to pay the $3 entry fee. Performers belted their hearts out, moved across the stage to the rhythm of music, and strummed guitars in the 40-minute production during clubs. 

 “We have the talent show to simply showcase student talent at Har-Ber,” English teacher and Student Council advisor Natalie Davey said.

As the president of Student Council, senior Sophia Shepherd plays a huge role in planning and putting on the show, including figuring out how to sell the highest number of tickets possible.

The tickets were sold during lunch, but because many students eat outside of the cafeteria, the biggest challenge according to Shepherd, was getting the word out. As a result, more tickets were sold at the door. 

When choosing who would perform, the judges used a rubric that evaluated each performance and then collectively discussed each act. 

“Putting yourself out there for the whole school to see can be intimidating,” Davey said.”When tryouts came around, we primarily looked at acts that were prepared, well performed, and ready for stage.”

One student who made it past the tryout was junior Aidan Ables. Ables, who is also a singer for the Camerata choir, sang “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. Despite his years of experience, he was nervous to perform in front of his peers, especially because he was sick with a sinus infection the week before. 

Yet, everything worked out well for Ables. He came off of the stage after his allotted two minutes of performance proud of himself and happy that he took a chance. 

“Just do it, you are in high school once,” Ables said.“Once you leave you can’t go back!”