McAllister, student director, prepares actors for competition

After countless practices starting in early October, senior Greer McAllister and Troupe 7262 get to perform their production in the One Act Festival. 

The One Act Festival is a competition between different schools. The act that troupe 7262 decided on is the play, The Bloody Attack of the Evil Demonic Giraffe Puppet. According to senior Lauren Moore, since they auditioned and received their roles,, the group has been practicing two to three times a week after school.

 “We started rehearsals in the beginning of October, and we’ve been rehearsing Mondays and Thursdays,” Moore said. “Until last week, we started doing Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.” 

Moore plays the role of Tiana and is excited to perform for her parents and for the competition. Junior Quinn Benham also plays a lead role in this year’s one act. 

“I play Cliff, who is a main character in the play, “ Benhem said. “She is the sarcastic best friend, and it is probably my biggest role yet.” 

This play was directed by a student in the theater program as well.  Benhem says the director, McAllister, worked efficiently to help prepare the actors for the competition the past few months. 

“Greer is a really good director,” Benhem said. “She knows how to relate to us and get us in the mood for our roles.”

The One Act Festival will be hosted at the school this year in the performing arts center. The festival is a two-day competition that will take place on Nov. 17-18. Students who are part of the show also have to work the competition. Schools like Fayetteville and Springdale will also compete in the competition in hopes to move on to the State Festival. 

“Our goal is to advance to the State Festival after the competition.“  Benhem said. “We just want to compete in the State Festival, but not in Nationals this year.”

Moore says that the play is definitely weird, but is also fun and interesting to perform. The Bloody Attack of the Evil Demonic Giraffe Puppet is about teenagers who are trying to make a film on a tight budget. 

“It sounds really weird, but it’s a pretty fun show.” Moore said.

After practicing long hours and performing for their parents, Benhem says that they are nervous but extremely excited to perform their show this year. 

“I am excited and I think everyone else is excited as well.” Benhem said,” We are definitely nervous but I am excited because this is probably my biggest role yet.”