Teacher of the year impacts lives of students

Every year one teacher is nominated for the teacher of the year award. This award recognizes the teacher who inspires, teaches, and loves their students well. It is to honor a teacher who has gone above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of students. Stuco sponsor and English 10 teacher, Natalie Davey received the Teacher of the Year Award this year because of her dedication to education and mission to make a difference. 

“She’s super encouraging and makes everyone feel special and loved. That’s a quality that few people have that makes her stand out,” junior Emily Reaves said.

According to Reaves, she believes our teachers work hard every day to ensure that we get the best education possible, and Mrs. Davey never fails to do that. 

“My mission is to help students understand the power of learning and their own capability to learn each day,” Davey said. 

With a mission to impact the lives of students, her influence is seen and recognized by her students.

“Mrs. Davey has influenced me in my everyday life. She makes me want to be a better person and more positive,” Reaves said.

Passion drives the teacher to be the best for their students and, according to Davey, she felt that it was her calling to become a teacher. 

Mrs. Davey sees the need to be a great teacher because of the teachers she had growing up.

“I had a fantastic teacher that changed my entire outlook on education, school, and learning,” Davey said, “He helped me to see that learning was not an easy process, but that it was a transformational thing to see yourself as a learner.”

Education comes first in her eyes and her desire to make students better learners is what inspires the influence she has among her students.

“Mrs. Davey deserves Teacher of the Year. She influences, inspires, and brings joy to so many students. She’s someone I look up to in every aspect of my life,” Reaves said.