Students hunt and collect Squishmallows


Emma Harris and Avery Troutt pose with their Squishmallow finds

Squishmallows have had a recent spike in popularity amongst teenagers. According to junior Avery Troutt, their softness and squishiness make them the best stuffed animal. 

Junior Emma Harris is believed to be one of the first Squishmallow collectors in the area.

Emma Harris thinks of herself as one of the first to collect Squishmallows in the area

“I feel like more people are definitely like getting on the Squishmallow train,” Emma said. “It feels good to be one of the first because I feel like it was my original idea.” 

Emma got her first Squishmallow about a year ago because she liked the ones her little sister had. Now Emma has over ten, and has been collecting them ever since. 

“I love how adorable they are, there’s just so many cute designs and little critters that you can get,” Sophomore Phoebe Harris said. “I saw them on TikTok and they were so cute, so I decided I want them in my room. It’s TikTok’s fault.” 

Phoebe is an aspiring Squishmallow collector, and owns five of the stuffed animals. According to Phoebe, she got her first Squishmallow for Christmas last year, and has been addicted ever since. Sophomore Brooklyn Farmer also started collecting them around the same time. 

“I started collecting them a few months ago because it kind of reminded me of my childhood,” Farmer said, “They’re very very fun to snuggle with and then when I am feeling stressed, they’re just really fun to squeeze.”

According to Farmer, Squishmallows can be difficult to find. Phoebe agrees, and thinks Walgreens, Hallmark, and gas stations are the best places to find them. 

“I have found some at gas stations, Walgreens, and CVS,” Phoebe said. “There’s going to probably be some at Hobby Lobby,  maybe Walmart or Target.” 

Farmer’s extensive Squishmallow collection

Phoebe has had the most luck finding Squishmallows at Hallmark because they frequently restock them. 

“As soon as someone grabs one, they usually put one in its place,” Phoebe said. “It makes you feel a lot less stressed about being there as soon as possible.”

Emma uses social media to find when and where they are released. 

“There’s lots of like Squishmallow TikToks and Instagrams and you can see whenever they release them,” Emma said. 

According to Farmer, Squishmallows are effective stress relievers. 

“They’re very very fun to snuggle with,” Farmer said. “When I am feeling stressed, they’re just really fun to squeeze.”

Phoebe also uses them for stress relief. 

“If I’m having a bad day I can just hug one and cuddle it or if I’m angry I can squeeze it because they’re just so squishy and I love it,” Phoebe said. “They’re just the superior stuffed animal to be honest.”