Basketball player juggles three jobs

As a basketball player and five days a week student, junior Mack Wright also juggles three jobs at the same time. He has learned to juggle three jobs, a sport and school. 

“I work at a ranch out in Elkins,” Wright said, “and I also work for Patrick’s, the burger place, and then I work for a financial office in Fayetteville,” Wright said.

According to Wright, he keeps his schedule full because he is self-independent while also helping his family out.

“I like being able to help my family out by paying for my own stuff,” Wright said, “I have three jobs because I like money, and I pay for all my car insurance and for my food and my clothes.”

According to Wright, he works primarily at Patrick’s almost every day of the week.

“I usually work at the ranch whenever it’s warmer,” Wright said, “I’m usually at the ranch most of the summer, chopping wood and stuff for winter, and then I go to the office every weekend.”

Wright is also a member of the varsity basketball team but prioritizes that over any job.

“I always put basketball before my jobs, just because I’m still a kid,” Wright said. “I like to keep my priorities straight and just focus on basketball, and whenever I have time, I go to my job.”

According to Wright it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up with family and friends when working so often.

“Being able to have time for family and friends, sometimes I find myself working a lot, and not seeing my family and my friends as often as I usually do,” Wright said, “it kind of pulls me away from other people sometimes.”