Student’s ideas about conspiracy theories

Diving into the world of conspiracy theories at the age of 15, senior Ashton Casebolt tells his story on how he got into these theories and his take on some of the ones already out in the world today. Casebolt has his 23-year-old sister, Skye, to thank for getting him into theories. They would sit and watch videos on conspiracy theories together.

“Shane Dawson was one of my sister’s favorite channels back then,” Casebolt said. “Other than that, it would be pretty miscellaneous on who’d we watch.”

Casebolt may like conspiracy theories, but that doesn’t mean he has to believe them.

“I can’t say I really believe in many of these theories,” Casebolt said. “They all kind of don’t have any hard evidence.”

Casebolt does, however, believe that a few theories out there could possibly be true. One of the theories he mentions is how Ted Cruz looks like the Zodiac Killer.

“Ted Cruz looks like the Zodiac Killer,” Casebolt said. “If you look at his ears, jawline, eyes, lips, and they look around the same age. If you put him side by side to the Zodiac sketch, they look pretty similar.”

While that is one of the few he actually believes, there are other, more popular, theories that he doesn’t believe and he thinks are nearly impossible, yet people still believe in them. One that he mentions is the moon landing being fake.

“Moon landing is fake,” Casebolt said. “I disagree with this theory because the technology wasn’t great back then, and it would have been nearly impossible for them to fake it, and it would have been cheaper to just go to the moon.”

Along with theories that make some sort of sense,according to Casebolt there are some theories that are ridiculous, and Casebolt definitely proves that.

“One of the theories that sound absurd to me is the whole lizard people under L.A.,” Casebolt said. “Basically, some people think there are Reptilian humanoids living in an abandoned city under L.A. kind of like the whole inner earth theory.”

According to Casebolt, the inner earth theory is a theory that the earth is hollow. Casebolt has also noticed that the bigger theories tend to have other, smaller theories derived from them, and he uses the inner earth theory as an example.

“There are many different sub-theories,” Casebolt said. “Some state extraterrestrial life was present in helping build the pyramids, and some believe this is why Hitler spent so much time and money exploring Antarctica. The inner earth theory was even mentioned in Greek Mythology, saying that the underworld could be accessed through inner earth.”

Casebolt knows a lot about these theories because he just really finds them interesting to listen to.

“I just have a fascination listening to people rant about things that sound absolutely absurd.” Casebolt said.