Senior gets accepted into dream school


Student Council president Luke Rucker is one of 1,200 people that get admitted into West Point every year. Rucker admits that this experience has not been an easy journey for him, but one he has pushed through and successfully acquired through hard work and persistence.

“It’s been definitely the biggest challenge of my life so far because it’s been really demanding just putting myself through the rigors that I know I will have to be able to do at the Academy to succeed,” Rucker said. 

This challenge has pushed him to be the candidate West Point is looking for. According to Rucker, West Point looks for an extremely well-rounded student who is involved in sports, hard classes, and leadership.

“I love to take on things that I don’t think I’m able to and then kind of feel just empowered after achieving those things,” Rucker said.

According to Rucker, he was far from where he needed to be at the beginning of his journey, but through the intense drive, he has reached his starting potential.

“I had to give up all of my free time, dedicated to being in extracurriculars, working multiple jobs,” Rucker said.

Rucker believes that if you want something you always have the potential to achieve whatever you set your mind to. 

“Three years ago I was the least likely to get a spot that I did, but because I committed myself to become a good candidate, to not quit until I was that person, I got here and anyone can do it,” Rucker said. “There have been obstacles that I thought were insurmountable but if you want it bad enough, you can do it.”

Rucker’s hard work and dedication are all thanks to his mindset and desire to do great things. 

“But if you truly decide the person you want to be is more than you are now the only person that’s stopping you is yourself,” Rucker said.