Dynamic duo sweeps conference

After winning the first set 7-5, senior Hayden Swope and his brother freshman, Carter Swope set the tone that eventually led to a 6-0 victory at the 6A West conference championship.  

“The first set was a very close throughout the whole set, but we pulled out 7-5,” Hayden said, “I feel like that set was what determined the tone for the rest of the game.”

After the victory, the two celebrated with Chick-Fila, according to Hayden. Being Carter’s first year playing at conference, the freshman described the win as a “sense of relief.”

“The feeling of winning conference was a sense of relief because I didn’t want to let anyone down,” Carter said. 

According to Hayden, the Swope brothers have played tennis together for many years. 

“Me and Carter have played together since I was eleven and he was eight,” Hayden said. 

Due to the vast amount of years and doubles tournaments this dynamic duo has conquered together, they have formed an unbreakable bond, according to Hayden.

“We have very different game styles that balance each other out. We know each other very well,” Hayden said. 

Carter’s response was consistent.

“Playing with Hayden is the best because we know each other so well and our styles of play go together very well. 

This has been a key factor to getting the Swope duo their conference victory.

“Since we know each other so well, we have an advantage over other teams,” Hayden said. 

According to Carter, adjustment is the duo’s strength.

“My favorite part of playing with Hayden is how we both can easily adjust to different circumstances very easily,” Carter said. 

Not only was chemistry essential, focus came into play too. 

“The key to winning conference was maintaining our focus throughout the whole tournament and not overlooking any matches,” Carter said. 

The two put in hours of work in preparation for this tournament. 

“We practice together almost everyday,” Carter said, “That is part of the reason we play so good together.”

According to Carter, the two” jam to music” in preparation for their games. 

“We like to ride in the car just the two of us and jam out to music before we play.”

Foreshadowing into next year, Hayden will be graduated and in college. However, according to Carter, Hayden will still be there to watch his brother carry on the legacy. 

“I’m going to miss having an amazing partner and encourager to play with next year, but I know he will come to my matches to cheer me on,” Carter said.