Student steps up to do announcements

HBHS students are settling in to their morning class and the tardy bell rings. The announcement tone rings and over the intercom comes the high pitched, ecstatic voice of Angela Menjibar.

This is Angela’s first year doing the announcements. Last year it was Riley Loftin, and she had some big shoes to fill. Angela has received plenty of compliments, but some criticism came along with them.

“I have received a lot of criticism due to the way I speak, I can’t control that, “ Menjibar said. “I do get criticism from teachers because I used to start at 8:46 and they hated that.”

Not all teachers feel that Angela is wasting her time. They feel like it’s required to get all of the information on the announcement page to the students.

“They’re a necessary evil, I think that the announcement should be up to the students it’s their responsibility,” History teacher Ed Viera said.

Most students disagree with the idea of having someone do the announcements in the morning because it wastes time and just takes away from the class according to Presley Shelton. Angela used to do funny friday, but according to Viera, most students did pay attention.

Some students believe that letting the teacher read the announcements would be easier and save much more time in the mornings.

“I barely get to hear them because my classes kind of loud and obnoxious, and I feel like letting the teachers handle telling everyone would be better because that way the teachers can actually get everybody quiet so they can hear the announcements,” sophomore Presley Shelton said.

The amount of work and preparation put into the morning announcements has not been shared and will now be released. Angela uses a lot of ideas coming from Dr.Griep himself, but also uses her own ideas that make the announcements more than just words.

“At the beginning of the year, Dr. Griep just kinda gave me the skeleton of a script and I had to fill in the things. It’s kind of sometimes not consistent due to the fast pace I have to go.