Erwin leaves a lasting legacy

Director spends 42 years teaching students the wonder of music.

After 42 years of teaching, head choir director Randy Erwin steps down into retirement.

Erwin began his career in Little Rock before moving to Springdale High School where he taught for twenty-three; however, when Har-ber opened he moved across town were has been staffed since.

“I enjoyed my time at Springdale High, it was wonderful,” said Erwin but he ultimately moved across town to be staffed where his son would attend.

When Erwin first took the position in Springdale the choir, although had some good vocalists, was extremely weak. Over the next 36 years, he molded the district to a standard of excellence, earning the of one of the best choir programs in the state.

“Opening a new school is a real experience and so we built a  tradition here. I am really proud of what’s going on in Springdale schools,” he said with a large grin on his face.

“It’s been unique in my experience in the fact that I was a former student of Mr. Erwin’s and being in his top choirs I always knew what his caliber of musicianship was and the quality of his program was,” said assistant choir direction Michael Brown.

Although it was interesting to figure out the dynamic of equals instead of teacher and student, the pair quickly became a well-oiled machine.

“It’s been really nice working under Mr. Erwin the fact that he has run a great program for so many years and for me to get to come in and learn from it and grow has been really really nice,” said Brown.

Due to his long years of teaching, he has taught not only students but also their children and watched generations of singers grow and met his standard of excellence.

“I still remember everybody as 18-year-olds but it’s great seeing parents support their kids and the dreams they had and seeing their kids doing some of those things too. It’s been wonderful,” commented Erwin.

“He’s taught generations and generations of people and he has impacted this community more than he thinks he has,” continued Brown.

Although Erwin is many things, students and staff alike are quick to describe him as dedicated and passionate about his program.

“With music, you have to set your own standard and kids will come to that standard if you clearly set it,” said Erwin.

Erwin has been awarded many times for the works of his choir and had the opportunity to perform at nationally renown concert halls such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Chicago Orchestra Hall. His choirs have performed at three American Choral Directors Association conferences and consistently have won superiors at state and concert assessments.

“Kids being apart of a group. Working for a common goal in an excellent manner not accepting anything less than the best, those are things you can take in whatever you do and that’s what I want for kids who leave here,” said Erwin.

When leaving Springdale, Erwin leaves behind generations of students whose lives he has taught love for music and for their community.