Animals on the loose

Senior prank ends with teachers and students wrangling farm animals.

On April 1st Har-Ber students and faculty got the best of both worlds, a school and a zoo in one. Monday morning, four chickens, two pigs, and a pair of turkeys appeared in the courtyard, some of which chased anyone who got near them.

Students were asked to remain inside when changing classes in order to not cause any harm to animals or bring delay to classes. Many students rebelled and decided to run outside and try to catch all the animals.

One student, senior, Isabelle Pianalto was one of the main catchers who wrestled a turkey and carried it into the animal control truck.  

“Well I saw my friends doing it and it seemed fun,” Pianalto said.

She also referenced her position on the poultry science team at Har-Ber and how those skills helped her handle the wild chickens.

“It was fun, except I had to run. I don’t like to run,” Pianalto said.

The brains behind this prank were in fact, senior, Britton Bowman. Bowman has always been the stand out at Har-Ber. The president of blue crew, at the front of every single sports game or match ever played, he attends every event and is one of the most outgoing people at Har-Ber. Bowman explained why and how he and his best friend Landon Freeman developed the prank, without revealing all of their ways.

“Me and Landon came up with the idea one night while on Craigslist, and we saw free chickens,” Bowman said. This idea was thought of on Sunday morning and took place that following Monday morning. There was one question that remained unanswered that many people wanted to know, how did they get the animals in?

“It will remain secret,” Bowman said.

However, he did reveal where he got the animals.

“All the animals were either free or purchased off of Craigslist. We only spent a total of $85 on everything,” Bowman said.

Craigslist is a website where you can sell and buy items/animals locally in a very simple way.

Both boys: Freeman and Bowman got 8 hours of community service as punishment for the prank.

“I would 100% do it again, even if the punishment was twice as bad as the first time,” Bowman said.

Bowman brings true the statement to go big or go home.