The Luttrell factor

After awarded Broadcast On-Air Talent of the year student looks to pursue his passions as a career

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After awarded the Broadcast On-Air Talent of the Year, junior Nick Luttrell realized what career he wanted to pursue.

“I guess I first sort of realized was freshman year in my TV News class. But more so was last year at one our TV News competitions (ASPA), I was awarded “Broadcast On-Air Talent of the Year”. As only a sophomore I had really no clue what to expect and didn’t know how big of a deal this award was. What really made me realize was my teacher, Mr. Sherman. Just feeling like all my hard work from the year had paid off and to be able to be congratulated by someone that I look up to so much in my teacher, Mr. Sherman,” said junior Nick Luttrell

Nick received an award his sophomore year that he didn’t expect to win or didn’t even know the importance of, all he knew about the award is that it made him realize his teacher was proud of him.

“My first live interview was at an event called “Caroling on the Creek”. I just remember my hand shaking so much when I held that mic in front of Dr. Griep. But then after a couple more interviews that night I began to get a feel for it and could tell that this was something I loved to do,” Luttrell said.

He had butterflies his first couple of interviews, but after doing it for a full night it made him fall in love with TV News.

“I’ve loved sports my whole life and around my freshman year, I began to realize how much I enjoyed analyzing and watching and commentating sporting events rather than commentating. Soon after, I fell in love with cameras and video. So sports television is basically putting my two favorite hobbies and combining them as one,” Luttrell said.

Two things most loved put together is a dream for Nick and he found this out when he put sports and videos together.

“I am a HUGE sports fan. I don’t want to sound cocky but I don’t think there is anyone in all of Har-Ber that knows more about each athletic at Har-Ber than I. Sports is my passion and I feel like whatever I do in my career, sports will be involved in it.”

His passion is possibly going to be his career, and to start that career he had to let go and make some time for TV.

“At the end of my 8th-grade year, I decided to quit football for many reasons. For one, I felt that I needed to narrow down my list of sports. Playing basketball and football was too much for me. I felt I needed to pick the one I felt I could work the hardest in and enjoy, and that sport was basketball. I also wanted to get involved in the TV News department at CJHS, seeing that as something more towards my career path in the future,” Luttrell said.

He knew what his end goal was and the first step to that goal was quitting football to give him more time for one sport and TV News department.

“The end goal is ESPN. That’s what it’s always been. Even as an elementary school kid I’ve always wanted to be on ESPN. That’s the dream. That’s the goal that I strive for every day,” Luttrell said.

After his time and experience at Har-Ber, he dreams of going on into ESPN, a dream he won’t ever let go or give up on.