Fencing Friday

Students create a club provide an opportunity for all students to try a unique sport

Fencing is a sport. It’s the use of a sword with a set of rules. The goal is to score more point against your opponent. It takes a lot of smart thinking and practice.

“It’s using a weapon in an athletic way for fun,” said senior, Molly Hendren.

Hendren enjoys the fencing club.

“I loved fencing and wanted to bring it to school,” stated sophomore, Jacob Gaston. He is the founder of the fencing club.

“There’s a lot of strategic thinking and physical work that goes into it,” said Gaston.

Gaston approached Mr. Lawson, who is the sponsors the fencing club, and asked if he would help start it. They then wrote two pages about why fencing is it safe and the school approved. The club also received a grant from Dick Sporting Goods which help start their club.

The club meets during Tuesday prime times and on Carolina Clubs days.

“I have been doing fencing for about a year,” said junior, Hunter Eads, member of the fencing club.

He had been fencing at Fayetteville Fencing Academy but would rather fence here at Har-Ber.

“I have competed with the club a couple time,” said Eads. He even has a couple of medal from the competitions. The competitions were put on by The US Fencing Association.

“I saw an ad at Harps and said that looks cool,” said Eads. He also enjoys the fighting part of fencing.

“We’re trying to, in the coming years,” said Hendren when asked if the club competes. If they did compete they would have to use another school’s materials. The fencing equipment is election which counts their score.

“We wanted something everyone could do,” stated Hendren. Joining the club doesn’t cost much.