Love is in the air

Students share their opinions of the commercialized holiday and how they celebrate.

The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to spend time with the ones you care about and show love to the one you love, according to many of the responses find a survey about Valentine’s Day.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day yet 33% of people from the survey don’t celebrate. You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend. Spending time to friends and family is a great way to celebrate.

“A valentine’s day party with my friends,” said Hannah Pianalto. A party with friends is Pianalto is her favorite way to celebrate.

“The first time I was actually in a relationship with someone, he got me flowers, chocolate, and a teddy bear and just expressed how much he cared about me,” said Jaime Tarlton. This was the best Valentine’s Tarlton has ever had.

Not every Valentine’s going to be romantic and go the way you excepted.

“My now ex took me out to eat on a romantic date… but invited his mom along and she ruined the whole thing basically,” said Michaele Harris. This was not how she wanted to spend her day.

“A confession of love from a girl I despised,” said Ashton Shelton. This was not the best Valentine’s day for Shelton.

A huge part of Valentine’s Day are the gifts received from loved ones. Chocolate is the most favorable present according to the survey. Followed by stuffed animals and then flowers.

Not everyone loves this loving holiday.

“If you don’t go all out on chocolates and flowers, you’re not in love enough. Can’t we just appreciate without buying?” claims Molly Hendern. Not everyone wants to spend money because it is just a day.

Even if you do buy someone chocolates and flowers, it does not mean you love that person.  There are other ways to show you care for someone.

“A hug from a person means a lot to me,” claims Jonathan Sandoval. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Stores put up Valentine’s Day decisions, cards, and gifts up right after Christmas, yet it’s still 6 weeks away.

“It’s just an in-between for New Year’s and easter for companies to make money,” said Sarah-Kate Cantrell.

“It’s just so commercialized that some people don’t know who Saint Valentine is,”  said Jack Welsh.

St. Valentine of Rome has been associated with a tradition of courtly love since the third century. He was commemorated on February 14th. He is just a symbol of love.

“Showing the romantic person in your life how much they mean to you. Granted, you should do that all throughout the year and not just one day, but it is a fun day where everyone can do it in unison,” said Hunter Soria.

Soria believes February 14th couldn’t be the only day of the year to show others you love them. Every day should be about love and happiness.