Bowman battles the elements in Toughest Mudder competition

Freezing temperatures challenge competitors in endurance event

Atrocious mud, new obstacles, and intense body conditions, is what best describes the Toughest Mudder event. The race is one of the most extreme 24-hour obstacle course challenges on the planet. Britton Bowman, a senior, went to Atlanta Georgia to compete Nov. 10-11.

“There’s things I did and did not do,” Bowman said.

Bowman went through months of intense training preparing for this race. He ran up to 12 miles in a wetsuit.

“Running in the wetsuit made it very difficult to move and it felt very awkward, but I had to train like that because that’s how I was going to be running,” he said.

During training he took many supplements and drank energy drinks to maintain a good energy level. He needed the energy to stay awake for a full 24 hours. His friends also noticed his training.

“He was always busy doing different outrageous activities, always running and spending late nights working out, sometimes even all night,” senior Carson Branscum said. “It was just insane to watch him train his body like that.”

This competition is a test of mental and physical toughness.

In Atlanta, when he competed, it was unusually cold when he was racing in the mudder.

“We get there and it is a high of 45 and a low of 27, so there wasn’t much warmth there,” Bowman said.

Due to this cold Bowman got hypothermia twice, even though he did finish out the laps.