Brittan Wittschen

Emma Kate Bockelman, Reporter

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As 6th grader, Brittan Wittschen walks back into his grandma’s house on Christmas Eve, his sister, senior, Micah Wittschen runs up to him and says “Britt! You’re on Rihanna’s instagram page!” He immediately checks his phone to see it for himself. He goes to type Rihanna’s username in the search bar with heart pounding excitement and there it is. He is dancing on her page, and her truly can’t believe it.

“I looked at my phone and there I was on her page. I was surprised,because Rihanna is really famous and she reposted my video. So it was really cool,” said Wittschen.

Brittan Wittschen is a 6th grader at Hellstern Middle School, who has a love for dance. The startup of his dance career was simple: he and some friends were bored one day and they decided to make a dance video. Jack Bockelman and Hudson Brewer, friends of Wittschen, are both shy, so Wittschen became the star of the video. The boys sent the video to a group of friends, but didn’t expect the response Wittschen got.

“He dances all the time when I’m around. Once he was dancing around in the living room and didn’t stop until we went to basketball practice,” Jack Bockelman said.

All of Wittschen;s friends he sent the video to, were shocked at how well he could dance. One friend suggested he start an Instagram page so he could showcase his moves to followers. Wittschen took the suggestion and started an Instagram page named @JBHStudios. He quickly gained followers and began creating more and more videos. He is currently at 39.7K followers, a  number that just keeps growing.

“A lot of people on the Instagram page ask what JBH stands for. It stands for Jack, Brittan, and Hudson, It was us three who started the page,” Wittschen said.

Wittschens dance career has led to more than just going viral over Twitter and Instagram. Triller and yvngswag, famous Instagrammers, both instant messaged the JBHStudios Instagram asking if they could send them beanies, a pair of shoes, and a phone case.

“I didn’t know what to think about it. At first I wasn’t sure he was serious about it, but I later received a beanie, a pair of shoes, and a phone case in the mail from Triller and yvngswag,” Wittschen said.

Wittschen still can’t wrap his head around how he has blown up so much and so quickly. He started off doing it all for fun and not caring what people would think of it.  Little did he know that he would become a local super star in a matter of weeks.

“I was pretty surprised everyone liked my videos because I didn’t think I was that good of a dancer. I like dancing and making the videos, but I’m not going to do it for the rest of my life, maybe just a little bit longer,” Wittschen said

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Brittan Wittschen