Q and A with Jordan Rayne

At this stage in their life, many students are scrambling to figure out what colleges they want to attend, what career they want to persue for the rest of their lives, getting a job now, doing well in school, or even what they’re going to eat for dinner tonight.  Senior Jordan McDowel seems to have a lot of it figured out.

Ethan: So what curricular activities do you have? Like, what all do you do, because I saw your business card and everything.

Jordan: I own my own photography business.  I am well-respected for my high-quality-low-cost philosophy.  I have lots of clients. They are very loyal and very pleased with my work.  I’m in Mr. Jones’s film class…that’s really cool.

 Ethan: Where do you intern?

Jordan: I intern at New Creature.  They’re an in-store marketing company located in Rogers. They do the corrugate (which is like the cardboard displays for Walmart and stuff), so I work closely with the design team.

Ethan: So you go and get them coffee?

Jordan: No! I actually do some design work!

Ethan: And that’s where you work?

Jordan: That’s where I work!

Ethan: What projects are you working on now?

Jordan: Let’s start with photography!

Ethan: Have a lot of student come to you for senior photos?

Jordan: I’ve taken pictures for some. They’re not all here though. I’ve done some from other schools. Mostly girls, some guys.

Ethan: Did they seem happy with the outcome of their photos?

Jordan: Oh, they loved them! So, for the project things.  I’ve recently done a wedding; it was on 11/11/11, and her name was Bethany. Because of their skin tones, it contrasted because she was really light, and he was really dark, BUT, it showed my talent with color-coordinating and they turned out AMAZING!  See, my boyfriend helped me out with it because he has a camera too, so we were able to get a wide array of photos and while he was taking pictures or something I was taking video. So ultimately, I would like to have my own independent graphic design business, photography business, and video business.

Ethan: When did you become interested in this? Why?

Jordan: When I was seven years old! I’ve always wanted to become a graphic designer because.. you know Microsoft Paint? I was like THE QUEEN of Microsoft Paint when I was seven years old. So I told my dad “[little girl voice] Dad, I want to do this when I grow up!” and he was like “[deep voice] Okay.” and I was like “[little girl voice] what’s it called?] and he was like “[deep voice] a graphic artist”.  So ever since then I’ve wanted to be a graphic artist.  And as for Photography, that started in August.

Ethan: What’s your favorite color?

Jordan: Blueeeeee.

Ethan: Why did you start up with photography?

Jordan: I wanted a really fancy-schmancy camera, so I dropped a whole lot of money to get one.  And then I was like “Crap! now I have no money [laugh]” and so I needed to make money some how so I decide that I’ll take peoples pictures, and I already had Photoshop, which is key.  But anyways, I was able to make some money back… I didn’t really have any interest in it before that… But then I realized I had a knack for it… So now I do it! I love taking photos of everything, and everything I do… which is kind of weird.

Ethan: Who all have you taken pictures for?

I’ve done seniors, families, I’ve done couples, I’ve done bridal pictures, I’ve done engagement pictures, I’ve done wedding pictures, nuhn nuhn nuhn. I’ve done children!

What’s the most money you’ve ever made?

The most money I’v ever made? I’m not going to answer that. People will try to take my business and be like “I WANNA BE A PHOTOGRAPHER” But you can see my rates on-line, AT MY WEBSITE, at www.jordanrayne.com!

Ethan: Tell me more about your internship!

When I do my internship from 2-5 p.m. on Tuesdays, I do graphics works, that make the 3D modeling, and I do the 2D modeling… when they’re overloaded with work I take over some.

Ethan: Is it a paid internship?

It is! On Thursdays, I work with finance… So I get to put extra stuff on my resume, which looks really good!

Ethan: Tell me about your billboard.

Jordan: Okay, you know where Sunset is? If you sit in the Burger King parking lot and eat your fries and café mocha thing (don’t get the hot ones get the cold ones) and you look forward there is a giant blue billboard! It was for OJJDP, and basically the Springdale Police Department asked Mrs. Martfield’s graphic design class to designs for the billboard.. So me and Rebecca Motes got to make one and collaborate, and now, ITS UP THERE! And that’s pretty much how I got my internship, because when I told them that I made a billboard it made me sound pretty legit.  They were impressed.

Ethan: That’s awesome. Thank you for your time.