Twitter account highlights life of a benchwarmer

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Seniors Milo Bailey, Blaze Winn, and Travis Tollett have created the parody Twitter account that is sweeping through the halls known as Benchwarmers: @Sideline_talk that expresses their thoughts while warming the bench.

“If you are a misfit, outcast, or you just simply don’t belong.  Follow us…because we’re just like you. SLT” states the Twitter account’s bio.

“We were on a charter bus a year ago on our way to a game when we came up with the idea to create a twitter account like this,” Tollett said.  “It kind of just sat there for a while until recently.  It’s really blown up here in the last little while.”

All of the @Sideline_talk master minds agree that while getting a lot of followers for the account wasn’t the goal, they are very excited to see that it’s really gotten a lot of positive attention lately.

All three have access to the account and tweet as the thoughts come since they can’t actually do it from the sidelines.

“We just tweet when we think about it,” said Bailey.

Winn and Tollett both stated that “These tweets come to us anytime, a lot of it is what we are thinking on the sidelines, or some of it also comes from when were just hanging out and think of something that people would find laughable.  We also like to point out the funny things that happen to other people.”

When the Twitter account started to create a buzz, the three were ecstatic to see the number of their followers increasing.

“It’s becoming really cool, people in the hallways see us and are like ‘Hey, Sideline Talk!’,” said Bailey.

“It’s really cool,” Winn said, “but I didn’t think it would. It’s really cool that people from other schools (Bentonville and Rogers) follow it too.”

@Sideline_talk’s followers have something to say about them too.

Junior Jaden Anderson reported that she had heard about the comical account through seeing it being retweeted through her timeline, while senior Preston Pianalto explained that he had heard about it through a couple of friends.

“My favorite tweet was the shout out that I got from @Sideline_talk the other day, it said, ‘And @kbuckkkk and @JadenAvery18.  Can’t leave anyone out like my coaches do. #lovemyfollwers’, I felt so loved,” said Anderson.

“My favorite tweet so far from this was, ‘#PeopleNeedToStop getting mad at me when I `drop a pass.  I’m going to drop the pass. Get freakin’ used to it.’,” said Pianalto.

Both followers feel that the account is very appropriate and gives them a good laugh throughout the day.

“It’s just really funny. It’s a good Twitter account in general,” said Pianalto. “And as far as I know the football coaches have no problem with it”.

“I just think it’s hilarious!,” said Anderson.

All three of the creators for the Twitter account, Benchwarmers: @Sideline_talk, are all optimistic about its recent success. Currently the account has 277 followers.