Project helps students learn about Neolithic life

As an alternative to note-taking, History teacher Jimmy Jester came up with a project to help his students learn how early Neolithic humans lived.

Mr. Jester divide classes into groups of 5 or 6 and allow them to recreate a village in this time period.

 “Most of these kids are really creative, and I wanted them to get more involved that they usually would with just regular note taking”, said Jester.  “The students will be given a large poster for them to gather and express all of their thoughts and ideas on about the subject.  Hopefully by the end of this project, students will have the idea of what life was like during the early Neolithic age and were able to apply their knowledge into real-life problems for that time period.”

 The students are enthusiastic about the assigned project. 

“It was easier to learn that way because you only had to learn your part, teach it to other students, and then have them teach you theirs,” said junior Baylie Sims.

By the end of the project Coach Jester is anticipating many well-done presentations.  This is the first year they have tried doing a project like this, and perhaps it will set an example of how there are more alternative learning techniques to get students more involved in their current studies.