Students debate which Spiderman actor fills role best

According to NBC, the $587 million movie swept away the hearts of many Marvel fans, including students at Har-Ber. “Spiderman: No Way Home” has sparked much conversation about which version of Peter Parker is the best: Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfeild, or Tom Holland.

Sophomore Kenzie Ratcliff believes Andrew Garfield is the best Spiderman based off of his performances.

 “I think he has played the role of both Spiderman and Peter Parker so well.” 

Andrew Garfield’s appearance in the new Spiderman movie has touched the hearts of many people all over the world showing fans his acting capability. 

 “I think he deserves more recognition for his movies too, and it helps that he is also extremely attractive too.” Ratcliff said. 

Garfield’s fan base full of loving fans from this movie has also changed his acting career. Garfield recently won his first Golden Globe award for Best Actor, acknowledging his talent in all of his movies. 

While some people believe Andrew is the best spiderman, others like Senior Emma Williamson disagree. For her, it comes down to the newest spiderman, Tom Holland, or the original, Tobey Maguire. Although she thinks Andrew plays the character well, it ultimately comes down to the modernization that the newer movies portray and market towards this generation. 

 “I think Tom Holland has played the role of Peter Parker so well, and I think that his movies are so entertaining because they include the avengers, and are more modern for my generation, “Williamson adds, “ However, I think that Tobey Maguire is the OG, and started the franchise by bringing the character to life and projecting Peter Parker the way people wanted to see him.”

Being one of the most popular movies in the world, according to the AMC theaters, the team up between the three actors has changed the entire Spiderman franchise for the better.  

“Spider-Man: No Way Home’ has reportedly already raked in more than $250 million in revenues,” AMC’s website said, “marking the third largest opening in history.”