Olivia Rodrigo mends broken hearts with new song

Over the last three weeks since the release of Olivia Rodrigo’s single, Drivers License, it ”has broken the Spotify record for most streams of a song in a single week.” According to CNN. Along with breaking the Spotify record, it has remained at the number 1 stop on top charts of Apple Music, Amazon Music, and several other music streaming services.

It is a song about heartache and breakups which are frequent occurrences for people in the same age range as Olivia Rodrigo, 17.

Not only has it broken records but has become a popular song among young people.

“The song’s lyrics are relatable to any girl in a breakup.” junior Chloe Hester said.

According to junior Piper Matthews, it has made her feel less alone in a time where she thinks no one is dealing with the same things.

“It makes me feel less alone,” Matthews said, “it’s a great song to scream in the car, that gets out all your feelings.”

There are many songs about breakups, but this one is understood too well by listeners. Hester believes it to be because you can feel the pain in the song.

“I think all teens around our age hear the pain in Olivia singing,” Hester said.

After the song’s release, fans speculated that the lyrics had a connection to Olivia Rodrigo and Disney channel High School Musical the Musical: The Series co-star Joshua Bassett, alleged ex-relationship. The lyrics in the song Drivers License refer to a blonde girl, and fans think that is a hint at Joshua Bassett’s new relationship with Disney Channel star Sabrina Carpenter.

According to senior Luke Rucker, the song is a part of the media “call-out culture”, referring to the releases of Sabrina Carpenters song, “Skin,” which was released Jan 22nd, and Bassetts “Lie Lie Lie” released Jan 15th. The songs sparked rumors that they were in response to “Drivers License.”

The song has played a very relatable, heartbreaking role according to Hester.

“I recently went through a really hard break up and the whole song in general really hit home. It hurts to listen to it honestly because I relate so much to losing someone so great.” Hester said.