Justin Baldoni releases heart-wrenching masterpiece- “Clouds”

Artwork by Faith Ortega

Justin Baldoni has done it again with another heart-wrenching masterpiece. Making it’s first appearance on Disney Plus October 12, 2020, “Clouds” has reached the #19 spot in a ran

king by Rotten Tomatoes. I was skeptical about how truly ‘incredible’ it would be after seeing it advertised on the overexaggerated world of Tiktok. However, I let my guard down and decided to watch it. Needless to say, I was hooked within the first 2 minutes. 

Based on a true story, the movie highlights the chemo-restrained life of Zach Sobiech. The movie starts with Sobeich enduring the side effects of chemo after cancer was found in his legs. Throughout the course of the movie, Sobiech copes with his cancers struggles playing music with his childhood best friend, Sammy Brown. Just when things started to look up, cancer was found in Sobiech’s lungs prior to going on his first date with his longtime crush. After finding out he does not have long to live, Sobiech decides to write a goodbye song as his ‘last hoorah.’ Without giving any spoilers, the song becomes extremely successful. The song can still be found on all music streaming platforms. 

The movie is like none other. Hollywood has always been a sucker for a nice happy ending: the boy gets the girl, the son finds his way back home, the sickness is miraculously cured. That is not the case with “Clouds”. Baldoni does a great job bringing the audience a raw, not-so-happy ending and making it not so devastating. The movie illustrates the reality of cancer and the devastating ending of most cases. 

I recommend “Clouds” to anyone who loves a good cry like I do. Fair warning, you may be emotionally unstable for a couple of hours.