Harry Styles defies gender norms

Toxic Masculinity defined by Dictionary.com, “is a cultural concept of manliness that glorifies stoicism, strength, virility, and dominance, and that is socially maladaptive or harmful to mental health.”

Harry Styles since the beginning of his solo career has broken through this idea of what “masculinity” is and inspired our young generation to stray from gender norms and be bold. 

According to USA Today, Harry Styles was the first solo man on the cover of Vogue. Not only was he the first, but the first man to wear a dress on the cover of Vogue.

` “I think It’s amazing, it’s about time a man was on the cover of Vogue,” junior Ryleigh Bunch said.

According to junior Maddie Fairchild, Styles is making a huge statement to the world by wearing a dress. 

“Even though we are slowly coming out of gender norms, it’s still amazing to see the boldness in men wearing dresses, it speaks a lot against what society tells us.”

According to Bunch, Harry Styles is the perfect person to be leading the movement against toxic masculinity.

“Harry is defying gender norms. He has a young audience and the things he is doing are going to influence them and I think there’s gonna be less toxic masculinity.” Bunch said.

Junior Tate Kessler believes that it isn’t up to Harry Styles to fix this issue. 

“He just irritates those who have preconceptions. It is not his responsibility to stop toxic masculinity. It is the human race as a whole is in charge of making it stop.” Kessler said.

While Kessler believes that it isn’t just up to Styles, Bunch says that Harry is also an advocate for other social issues.

“I love Harry because he advocates for human rights, LGBTQ+ rights, etc. He is real and isn’t afraid of the backlash that he could face with what he does,” Bunch said.