Fans in shock at removal of The Office from Netflix

When Netflix announced The Office(US) will be taken off Dec. 31, 2020 fans were shocked. Many fans have already subscribed to another streaming service that The Office was be released on.

“I feel like a part of my soul is being ripped from my body,” Holterman said after learning that Netflix is taking The Office off of its streaming service.

The Office is ranked number 41 in the top 100 shows ever according to 

It has reached this number with the help of its dedicated fans. Back in June, Netflix announced they will remove The Office. 

Sophomore Cameron Bowman has already taken matters into his own hands about The Office leaving.

“I’m very sad that The Office is leaving Netflix, so I already started a subscription to Peacock where it’s a new home will be,” Bowman said.

According to, The Office will be added to NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock in January 2021.

The Office’s removal calls for a reflection over the show and the impact it’s had on people such as senior Reese Dodd.

“The Office has been one of my favorite shows and it has been something that has helped me and my sisters spend time together and get along,” Dodd said.

For Dodd, The Office allowed something to connect him and his sisters. The Office, According to Holterman, has also allowed for connections with friends.

“The Office has made me a better person,” Holterman said, “I feel that it has allowed me to talk to more people, and have many in-depth conversations with people who I thought I had nothing in common with.”

According to junior Noah Seiter, the characters of The Office have impacted his conversations and part of his personality.

“Most of my interactions with people have their roots in The Office. Whether that is through quotes or just how people talk, I take after many characters,” Seiter said.

These fans are saying “Goodbye, Michael,” one last time.