Return of Clone High

‘Clone High’, released in 2002, was an MTV adult cartoon. Most known for depicting high school versions of famous historical figures, these figures include the likes of John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Gandhi. Each character comically represents a stereotypical high school student. They all fit into a trope.

This particular cartoon’s uniqueness comes from it’s controversy. Clone High was cancelled with only one season because of uproar in India. Many believed that the depiction of Gandhi was extremely offensive. This even ended up in a hunger strike in front of MTV India’s offices. Despite all of this, and all of the years this teen-comedy was swept under the rug, it’s endearing nature captivated a new generation of teens.

Memes, fan art, and overall fascination with Clone High began as ironic, eventually becoming a genuine love for the show. The real question is why this happened, why it seemed as if everyone became obsessed with these free-form characters at the same time.

Starting with Tik Tok, an audio from Clone High blew up. One version of this audio has over 13.4k videos under it. Tik Tok has proven its ability to create trends from nostalgia, as it has here. The character depiction of JFK seems the most popular, making oblivious statements and being the overall lovable jock stereotype.

Because of it’s strangely historical themes and quirky humor, it’s popularity with teens comes as a surprise.  People are constantly longing for nostalgia, or something that makes them feel carefree again.

Old shows and other nostalgic things from the early 2010s seemed to resurface recently. Especially over the time we took from school and work. This show has the certain ring of the “good old times” MTV original cartoons.

Overall, this show is funny and carefree. Many fans grieve how short-lived it was. But word of Clone High coming back to TV, specifically on CBS all-access, has surfaced recently. Creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller have alluded to this reboot, though the contents of it has only vague details.

Clone High, in essence, was far ahead of its time as a comedy. Though only running for thirteen episodes, it’s existence left a noticeable mark on the surfeit of adult cartoons. Hopefully its popularity remains potent as it revives.