New Call of Duty is Worth It

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) was and still is the newest title from the Call of Duty franchise. I covered it back when it first came out, but now after three months there has been much more content added in these two months. Modern Warfare was a fun and welcome change to the to the normal Call of Duty formula that was done to death in the years leading up to Modern Warfares reboot such titles include Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. 

Now to recap when CoD MW released on October 25 the multiplayer while fun felt like it lacked some content that is usually a staple in CoD games. Come December 3 this problem would be remedied with their self proclaimed “biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history” where they would release a plethora of content over the coming months. With the release of the new season Infinity Ward released the fan favorite map “Crash” which was pulled from the first Modern Warfare game that came out in the early 2000’s. Season one also brought along the inclusion of a Battle Pass, yes we all collectively sigh at the mention of a battle pass in 2020, but the version of the battle pass that Modern Warfare presented was inoffensive providing only cosmetics and some weapon variants. Most weapon variants are free and not game breaking only including a few attachments and those that are used are easily acquired through playing with the gun and leveling it up, the two all new guns the Holger-26 light machine gun and the Ram-7 assault rifle are both free and earned very early on in the pass, tier 15 and tier 31 respectively. 

There were also many new game modes added into the game throughout Season 1 starting with Gun Game, the ever popular weapon evolution party game mode where you kill one person and go up in the gun food chain until you get knifed and start at the bottom. Along with Gun Game Infection was released in the game mode rotation, if you don’t know infection its a zombie game mode where one alpha zombie attempts to convert the whole survivor team into their hoard of zombies.  Season 1 also released a little surprise in the form of the unlockable crossbow later in the season in a larger patch. 

Season 1 was a good way for infinity ward to show off that they can release a bunch of new free content to users without forcing a cent out of them if they weren’t willing to pay. On February 11 Infinity Ward released Season 2 of Modern Warfare, at the time of writing this I’ve spent the time playing a lot of this new season over the weekend getting a feel for the new content. The Season so far is a blast from the past and the best one to come out so far for the game. With patch 1.15 being the newest as of writing the new game mode giant infection places 48 players in a large scale map where 5 are randomly selected to be the infected. This game mode is chaotic fun. The fear of seeing 47 infected players chasing after you when you’re the last one alive is wild. Modern Warfare is constantly introducing fun new game modes to keep the game fresh and fun to play and this is only the first few weeks of the new season, we still have close to a month of content to make it through.