Choir takes advantage of quality acoustics

Sophomore, strata members, Macey Wyler sings with motivation to do her best, as the acoustics of the strata choir echo throughout the halls of the school. New choir director Clint Pianalto  continues to carry on the tradition of conducting the Har-Ber choir in the rotunda. This has been a ritual for years and as a returning choir director, Pianalto is picking up right where he left off. It is enjoyed not only by choir students, but students and teachers along the circumference of the rotunda.

“The added stress of having the classes around definitely makes people work harder,” Wyler said. “We have some people who don’t usually sing who will sing in the rotunda since they know their friends are listening.”

Typically, their voices are hidden in the depths of the E-hallway, but in the rotunda, they get the chance to showcase what they’ve learned and bring enjoyment to more students and faculty. Junior camerata member, Hayden Hydorn claims there is a significant difference in the two environments.

“The choir room’s walls have big panels on them that help the room absorb sound, so there is almost zero sound bouncing back to you when you sing, but when you sing in the rotunda, there it tons of reverb and the sound of the choir echos and carries farther than in the choir room, so you can hear more and it overall, just sounds cooler,” Hydorn said.

The atmosphere change prompts students to focus better because of the motivation to impress their peers listening nearby.

“I think that because the acoustic is so different from our rehearsal space that students actually pay attention more. I do think some some student worry about singing in front of their peers and are insecure, but that comes with all singing,” choir director, Mr. Pianalto said.

Pianalto also claims the sound mimics that of a cathedral. This greatly contrasts with the sound-panel-filled choir room. The overall goal of a sound panel is to absorb sound and, further, reduce noise.

Joining Har-Ber staff this year, Mr. Pianalto encourages the preservation of the key staples of Har-Ber choir and continues to make the choir’s voices known.