Band students prep for All State

Senior William Gay stepped foot into the All State tryout room, prepared to play his French horn audition music that he has been practicing for months. Over 40 Har-Ber Band students will travel to Conway to try out for All State band on Feb. 2. Gay, a french horn player for six years, plans to try out again after qualifying for All State as a junior. 

“I get nervous obviously, but that is just a part of it. Even if you say you’re not nervous you’re still going to be a little nervous,” sophomore Owen Collins said.

Collins will tryout for the first time this year, also on French horn. Gay felt like he was well prepared for the audition.

“I attended as many all-state primetimes and after school practices as I could, and I also practiced at home,” Gay said.

He believes he is just as prepared this year as he was last year. Collins also prepared for his audition.

“I practiced at home,” Collins said, “and Mr. Ford had me play for him at lunch to give me feedback. Oh yeah, I’m ready.”

Despite the fact that this is his first time trying out, Collins does not believe he gets particularly nervous. While both players took different methods to prepare, both believe that the All State experience was beneficial to their performance and playing abilities.

“I believe it will be beneficial because this kind of audition will help prepare me for future auditions, and give me more experience in high school auditions,” Collins said.

Collins has two more chances to try out for all-state before he graduates, so this will be a good learning experience. Gay will complete his final tryout for all-state, but he still believes the experience helps him as a player.

“I’m just glad I got the opportunity to try out,” Gay said. “I enjoy spending time with my friends and being able to improve my skills as a player.”

Twenty-seven students made all-state band, the most Har-Ber students to make it in one year. The all-state clinic was held Feb. 14-16 in Hot Springs.