Logan Paul Vlogs Himself at the Suicide Forest

Logan Paul posts an upsetting vlog in Japan featuring the Suicide Forest.

Heidi Phanvongkham, Reporter

22 year old YouTube star Logan Paul receives backlash for an upsetting vlog in Japan featuring a dead body in the famous historical landmark, The Suicide Forest. Paul posted a video to his Youtube account wandering through The Suicide Forest and is seen standing and laughing next to a dead body with the rest of his entourage. The vlog got over 24 million views and he has over 15 million subscribers on his personal channel. Paul has made up to $90,000 despite the controversy over filming a dead body. Within 24 hours it was published, Paul deleted the video titled ‘We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide forest’ and continued to post three other videos of his ‘Tokyo Adventures’ pranking locals and running around the city. Following after his recent videos in Japan, Paul posts an apology video claiming he was trying to raise suicide awareness.

“I didn’t do it for the views. I get them,” said Paul.

A petition on Change.org is wanting Logan Paul to be removed from Youtube’s platform with 470,000 signatures within 10 days. The action YouTube took was giving his account a “strike” because of the graphic content policy. Accounts that get three in three months are deleted. The video was flagged to Youtube’s moderators who allowed it to remain on his account with no age restriction.

“I feel like it’s very unprofessional and very disrespectful to Japan and to the victim and to the victim’s family and to people who are triggered by that.” said senior Paige Babcock.

After 10 days that the video is posted, Youtube releases their statement over the video apologizing to the victim’s family. Youtube recaps their policies in prohibiting violent or gory content. Videos that are posted with intense graphics are only to remain uploaded if supported for educational or documentary purposes while, in most cases, it would be age restricted. Youtube’s course of action has been to remove Logan Paul’s channel from Google Preferred and his new originals are being put on hold.

Some social media stars took Twitter to call out Logan Paul directly and criticize his recent behavior. Youtubers like Gabby Dunn and Kackie Condatore have experienced the age restricted content on their videos of the LGBT community and serious topics about body positivity and health control, but are outraged over the unrestricted content involving suicide in Paul’s video.

“It serves as a listen to other popular Youtubers that they should be careful about the things they post.” said senior Robyn Bresler.

The social media and YouTube community are now trying to use the media’s platform to promote positive content and for their voice to be heard.