American Apparel finalizes closing

Maggie Cebuhar, Reporter

Junior Kinlee Nalley looks through her closet to find a basic tee to complete her outfit. She reaches for her American Apparel basic tee, and remembers how she will no longer be able to buy the quality basics she enjoyed from American Apparel.

“Personally, I will miss American Apparel because I have so many basic shirts or sweatshirts from there to mix into my wardrobe,” Nalley said.

The brand, founded in 1989, will be closing all 110 of their remaining stores by the end of April. Their headquarters, located in L.A., will also be officially closed. The company has filed bankruptcy twice now, and with the official close, tons of jobs will be lost. Gildan Activewear won an auction to acquire all of American Apparel’s intellectual property as well as some manufacturing equipment for $88 million. According to, the closing of American Apparel will result in the loss of 3,400 factory positions.

“I was sad to hear American Apparel was closing because it’s going to result in the loss of so many jobs,” junior Maddy Oakley said.

American Apparel was proud of their nationality founded in their clothing. They showed that in their slogan: “Made in America- Sweatshop free.” While their clothes were made in America and their money went into our economy, consumers found their clothes to be difficult to buy due to the heavy price tags.

“When I went to an American Apparel store in California, it wasn’t anything amazing. It was mainly things I would see anywhere, like Forever 21,” junior Natalie Watkins said.

While American Apparel was prided on their basics, some believed it to be nothing out of the ordinary. It’s especially difficult to buy the same item you saw at your local mall for less than $15, for over triple that amount online or in stores from American Apparel. Buyers respect and approve of their products being made in America, but conflicted with the large prices on such common items, consumers see why American Apparel went out of business.

“I always shopped in the store and found it a good experience but sometimes overwhelming because prices could be so high,” Nalley said.