Wall painted to become background for photos

Holland Primm, Editor in Chief

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The newest craze on social media, particularly Instagram, from all of the most popular bloggers and models is none other than a simple wall. Located behind a boutique in Fayetteville called Maude, all pictures taken have sported the appropriately labeled hashtag, #maudewall.

The entire back side of the boutique transformed its shabby, old cream exterior wall into a rainbow of colors. It was painted in eight large chunks, from the top of the building, extending all the way down to the ground and even a few feet of the ground. The variety of colors are an irresistible background to any “artsy” photographer, with fuchsia, baby pink, sky blue, pale baby blue, chartreuse, yellow, red, and white.

The wall’s original purpose was to serve as a funky, unique background for the own boutique’s website. Models could put on different outfits that were sold at Maude and use the perfect complimentary color to take a picture in front of, then post those pictures on their website to encourage consumers to buy the clothes that are being modeled.

However, since the wall has quickly gained popularity, and due to its public location, people from all over Northwest Arkansas have flocked to the wall to take their own eclectic pictures. It has become a hotspot for senior portraits, engagement photos, team photos, and even pregnancy photos.

As most attendees of homecoming do, my group wanted to take pictures of all of us dressed up before the dance. However, we ditched the traditional park or elegant front steps and opted for the maude wall. The pictures that we took there have become my favorite pictures that I have, and I highly enjoyed posting them as well, as it looked like a tiny rainbow on my Instagram profile.

I highly recommend gathering your friends or your family and taking a camera out to Maude, parking in the back, and taking unique pictures. It is the simplest, easiest, and most fun way to turn a boring photo shoot into an event that you’d actually like to participate in.

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