Homecoming appearance

Stefania Pasetto, Reporter

  With the homecoming at the gates we hear a lot about dresses, makeup, hair and money. But for me it is all new and the only question that I have is:

“Why do girls care so much about getting ready for the dance?”

           There are lots of girls that save money to buy expensive dresses and to have their makeup done well Some people think it’s because they want to give a good impression about themselves.

           “I care about what people think and I believe that nobody likes to be made fun of,” junior Amber Haught said.

On the other side it can also depend on the society that pressures toward the idea of perfection.

           “I feel like some people were raised with the idea that they have to be perfect, so they will worry more,” junior Annabel Weber said.

           All the girls must feel special for the homecoming night, without thinking if they will be good enough or not. So I think that it’s a nice thing if they decide to look pretty, but they should just have fun and believe in themselves.