Homecoming girls vote for top trends

The extravagant proposals for homecoming 2014 have begun, and so the next step would logically be to begin searching for the perfect outfit for that special night. Every year, the trends for homecoming dresses change. Whether it’s wearing simple converse with a blinged-­out gown or seeing who can squeeze into the tightest dress, majority of girls will follow the most popular look. To predict what this trend will be for homecoming 2014, 36 girls have taken an anonymous poll in which they filled out the details as to how their outfits might turn out on the night of October 25th.

The most popular color surprisingly presented itself to be black, with fifteen girls submitting that they were most likely to don a dark dress. Coming in second place with eleven votes was blue, suggesting that these two colors will be the most commonly worn.

Another question on the survey asked girls what look they were going to go for when putting together their ensemble. With the choices being blingy, classy, dramatic, elegant, or simple, the styles classy and elegant tied with ten votes each. The two correspond, showing that most girls will most likely be less flashy and more sophisticated.

“Classy and sassy,” says Elise Lindsey, HBHS sophomore.

Who can forget accessories? Inquiries about shoes and jewelry were also included in the poll, asking about heels versus flats and lots of jewelry versus little jewelry. Both questions received overwhelming responses for only one of the choices. For the shoes, thirty girls said that they were going to sport heels rather than flats on homecoming night. For jewelry, thirty three girls voted on minimal jewelry over a large amount of jewelry. The outcomes for these particular items also support the most favored look, where girls are said to be as classy and elegant as possible.

“Big heels!” sophomore Abby Jackson exclaimed excitedly.

But where will they get these fabulous outfits? How much are they willing to spend to achieve the look they want? Boutiques like Skye on the Town, Impressions, and Tesori appeared the most prominently, alongside Dillard’s, everyone’s favorite place to find special occasion dresses. Other, less popular names also appeared, like T.J. Formal, Ricketyrak, and Bella’s. Then of course, several girls simply said that they plan to shop for their dress online. The calculated budget of all of the answers submitted ended up at $163, but the individual votes fluctuated greatly. On the high end, $500 dollars was submitted, but on the low end, $30 to $100 was sent in.

Har-­Ber homecoming 2014 will surely be a night for the books, and what’s a memorable night without a memorable outfit? Be on the lookout for the latest trends,­ black or blue classy, elegant gowns, heels, and that perfect accessory to pull the whole thing together perfectly.