Thug Notes: Bringing original gangster to classical literature

As students, we rely heavily on website sites like Spark Notes, Cliff Notes, and Wikipedia to do the hard work when reading books for English. We depend on theses websites to give us the grade we all believe we need, and to understand complex literature books that mean nothing to use.

Even though these websites simplify the work as much as they can, they still get confusing, using words that are sometimes too “big” to truly understand them.

Have no fear, my fellow classmates, I have found summaries and analyzation of classic literature but in a way we can all fully understand.

Thug Notes is a YouTube channel that provides all the information that Spark Notes does, but in slang.

Professor Sparky Sweet, PhD is an African American who has gone out of his way to create a new view on classic literature by incorporating slang words and dressing like a gangster.

With classic literature such as Hamlet, The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, and many more, Sweet illustrates that whole idea is that literature is something beautiful and fun, not boring and stupid.

Not sure if this is something you would be into? The next couple quotes are from his “The Great Gatsby- Book Summary & Analysis by Thug Notes” video.

Spoiler Alert!

“Next door to the pimpin’ crib of Jay Gatsby, a rich play boy with that mad Mitt Romeny money”

“Gatsby and Tom get all up in each other grills.”

“BAM! She dead.”

“George grabs a round 9 and caps Gabsty while he’s chillin’ in his pool. Then he go ice himself.”

“Let’s get right into it, home boy!”

“It’s filled with backstabbing crackers that makes Gatsby’s romantic dream ridiculous!”

Theses are only a couple of the many hilarious things Professor Sparky Sweet, PhD., says. Though his videos are filled with mild language, everything is accurate and legit.

Professor Sparky Sweet, PhD., tells The Independent that,

““I hope that teachers watch the show and realize that teaching is an art. Just like theater or cinema, the artist must earn the audience’s attention. Your classroom is your audience and unfortunately a student will not volunteer their attention.”

Sweet’s goal is to get teachers to step up on the plate and realize that comedy is something that is needed in every classroom setting. To achieve the best from your students, you have to make the environment a place where humor and learning go and-to-hand.

According to The Independent, Professor Sparky Sweet, Phd., said, “Sometimes you have to seize it, and I hope Thug Notes inspires teachers to explore alternative methods to really engage their students. On a larger scale, I also hope that people realize that comedy is a powerful tool for education.”

New videos are posted every Tuesday.